MA Theses

Thesis Title Student name Thesis Supervisor(s) Year

Fifth Graders' Compherension of Expository Texts: Performance Differences between Poor and Adequate Readers

Zeynep Gonca Akdemir Serkan Özel, Nalan Babür 2018

The reliability and validity study of Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) in Turkish children

Hande Bakır Nalan Babür 2007

Rapid automatized naming in relation to some other reading components and reading skills of second graders

Bella Abolafya Nalan Babür 2008

Examining the early predictors of number sense among first graders

Merve Aşık Nalan Babür 2013

A Woman Coordinator in an Early Childhood Education Center: A Case Study on Defining Leadership based on Feminine Perspective. 


Yağmur Seven Mine Göl Güven 2014

The Relationship between Teachers’ Power Perception, Teachers’ Definition of Child, And Child-Teacher Interaction

Nehir Cabi Zengin Mine Göl Güven 2016