Boğaziçi University Faculty of Education Library

Göl-Güven, Mine (Assist Prof.)

PhD, Pennslyvania State University, 2006

Research Interests
Quality assessment of early childhood settings, parent-child play behaviors, interactions, and communication; cultural and etnic varities in parenting, teacher training for early chilhood education settings, curriculum design and development of educational materials and tools to teach sign langauge to children from birth to eight.

Current Projects:
Scientific Research Projects supported by Bogazici University. Research Title: Quality in Early Childhood Education Settings. Project Code: 07D101. Dates: March 2007-December 2009

Courses Taught:
PRED 218 Practicum I
PRED 324 Practicum II
ED 382 Classroom Management
PRED 317 Measurement &Evaluation in Preschool Education
PRED 413.02 Practice Teaching in Preschool Education
RED 490 Special Topic in Pred:Quality in Early Childhood Setting


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