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Course Descriptions

PRED 101 History, Philosophy, And Principles Of Preschool Education (3+0+0 )3 

Theoretical, social and political roots of various approaches; philosophies, principles and policies affecting the live of young children, their families and communities; educational practices including curriculum, environmental organization and structures, and families', teachers' and children's roles.

PRED 102 History, Philosophy, and Principles of Preschool Education II (3+0+0) 3

Current principles, policies, and programs affecting the lives of young children, families, and communities; basic educational practices including curriculum, goals and objectives, organization of the physical environment, and basic educational implementations comprising the roles of communities, families, teachers and children; Turkish systems of care and education for young children. 

PRED 103 Theories of Child Development I (3+0+0) 3

Major developmental achievements in prenatal, infancy and early childhood periods concentration on children's biological, physiological, cognitive, social, emotional and language development. 

PRED 104 Theories of Child Development II (3+0+0) 3

Major developmental achievements from early childhood through middle childhood to adulthood; concentration on biological, physiological, cognitive, social, emotional and language development.

Prerequisite: PRED 103

PRED 107 Children's Health and Human Physiology I ( 3+0+0) 3 

Introduction of basic structures and functions of the human body, child health, nutrition, and development. 

PRED 108 Children's Health and Human Physiology II ( 3+0+0) 3 

Common child illnesses, principles of nutrition, collection and evaluation of child health data in preschool education settings.

Prerequisite: PRED 107 

PRED 120 Learning Academic Skills (1+0+0) 1 

Introducing academic life, resources of the university and the department; basic rules of academic writing. 

PRED 210 Music and Movement in Early Childhood (2+0+2)3 

Understanding and exploring the joys of music and movement shared with children; collecting and learning songs and playing instruments of various styles and cultures; organizing musical and movement experiences for children.

PRED 211 Curriculum Development I ( 3+1+1)4 

Examination of curriculum and integrated learning environments for young children that foster physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development; designing and evaluating curriculum activities appropriate to children of 0-8 years of age; emphasis on developmental status, special needs and socio-cultural backgrounds of each child.

Prerequisites: PRED 102 & 104 

PRED 212 Curriculum Development II (3+0+2) 4 

Advanced examination of curricula and integrated learning environments for young children that fostering activities appropriate to physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development; designing and evaluating curriculum activities appropriate to children of 0-8 years of age; the role of the teacher in relation to parent and the child.

Prerequisites: PRED 211 or consent of the instructor 

PRED 214 Language Development and Literacy in Early Years (3+0+0) 3 

Language development ; the role of the educator in early literacy;emphasis on the inter-relatedness of language arts (reading, writing, listening, speaking) for young children; designing of learning environments and materials to foster creative development and critical thinking in communication.

Prerequisites: PRED 104 

PRED 222 Measurement and Evaluation in Preschool Education (3+0+0)3

Collecting information for making individualized instructional decisions; effective informal assessment techniques emphasizing the ecological approach; standardized assessment and screening instruments and their limitations.

Prerequisite: PRED 211 

PRED 234 Art Activities for Children (2+0+2)3 

Visual arts for children of ages 0-7; readings and group discussions; exploring curricular concepts and personal ideas through creative art experiences. 

PRED 314 Early Intervention: Theory and Practice (3+0+0)3 

Introduction to concepts of developmental vulnerability; theoretical bases of early intervention and different models of service delivery; discussion of research perspectives and policy issues in intervention. 

PRED 320 Research Methods (4+0+0)4 

Basic methods and processes of qualitative and quantitative research with young children and their families. 

PRED 322 Data Processing (3+0+2)4

Analysis of educational data. Application of different techniques and data analysis software. Prerequisite : PRED 320 

PRED 323 Practicum I (2+6+4)4 

Introduction to observation and teaching in various child care settings; supervised teaching experience in these settings.

Prerequisite: PRED 212 

PRED 324 Practicum II (2+6+4) 4 

Integrating theories of child development and teaching practice; preparing and managing activities in early childhood settings; observation of children and supervised teaching experience in these settings.

Prerequisite: PRED 323

PRED 325 Developmental Experiences in Mathematics and Science (2+0+2)3

Play strategies and curricular themes in mathematics and science; designing, implementing and evaluating curricula; examination of computer software packages.

Prerequisite: PRED 212 

PRED 331 Special Education in Early Childhood and Primary School Years I ( 3+0+0) 3 

Education of children with learning disabilities, emotional or behavioral disorders, attention deficit disorders, mild-moderate mental retardation, physical disabilities and gifted children; overview of history, definitions, current issues, characteristics, theoretical perspectives, classroom management, and educational programming in special education. 

PRED 348 Community Service (1+0+2) 2 

Active participation in community service settings; creating projects at individual or group levels.

PRED 411 Applied Research in Child Development and Family Issues (3+0+2)4

Carrying out and presenting research on young children in learning environments.

Prerequisite: PRED 320 & PRED 322 

PRED 413 Practice Teaching in Preschool Education I (2+6+5)4 

Practice teaching in various early childhood care and development settings; reflection and problem-solving issues in teaching.

Prerequisites: PRED 324 or consent of the instructor 

PRED 414 Practice Teaching in Preschool Education II (2+0+5)4 

Unit planning and implementation of daily curriculum in various early childhood care and development settings.

Prerequisites: PRED 413 

PRED 416 Family Issues in Preschool Education (3+0+0)3 

Role of families in children's lives; interacting as professionals with children and parents in different environments; constructing learning environments that value and build on diverse cultural values of children and families; examination of "mismatch" between home and school expectations; discussion of effective models and practices to develop knowledge and skills both in teaching and reaching out to families. 

PRED 418 Management in Educational and Social Settings (3+0+0)3 

Setting goals, assessing staff skills, planning and evaluating curriculum, communicating effectively with parents, implementing health and nutrition policies; advocating for children and families; discussion of classroom issues in the context of recent research on young children in group settings and on child care in society. 

PRED 420 Creative Drama Activities (3+0+0)3 

Learning environments and activities for creativity; drama activities in preschool education. 

PRED 421 Children's Literature (3+0+0)3 

Introduction to literature for young children; developing sensitivity to qualities in literature meaningful to children through reading, listening, and using and creating books and poems; developing criteria for evaluating children's literature. 

PRED 422 Seminar on Practice Teaching in Preschool Education (2+0+4)4

Providing students with an opportunity of reflect on their school experience with their peers and supervisor; evaluate their performance in previous weeks and use the feedback received to develop their personal teaching styles.

Prerequisites: PRED 413 

PRED 480,481,482,483,484,485,486,487,488,489 Special Topics in Primary Education (3+0+0)3 

Special topics of current interest in Primary Education. 

PRED 490,491,492,493,494,495,496,497,498,499 Special Studies in Primary Education (3+0+0)3 

Special studies in Primary Education selected to suit the individual interest of the students.